Administration closing domestic transportation


On: Apr 2020

The United States of America president Donald Trump and his administration is determining closing some of the domestic transportation such as flights and rails between coronavirus hot places or cities where COVID-19 epidemic has hit badly. Mr. Donald Trump said that I am discovering where these flights are going into hot places. Whereas, some of those flights I did not like from the start.  While asked about the domestic transportation of rail he said that it was an alike thing.

Furthermore, he stated that he did not offer assistance for all kind of local flights. A decision will be finalized soon. Closing up whole domestic transportation that means halting every single flight on every airline, which is an extremely hard decision. But, right now we are finding out hot places, where you move from place to place.

 The worst situation of the coronavirus outbreak in the United States has been centered in the metropolitan area of the New York, even though the virus has massively spread throughout the nation. Seattle, Detroit and New Orleans and other major centers in addition to small cities & rural spots have also been hampered by COVID-19 pandemic. The US president said that the decisions regarding halting of air and rail transportation were major decisions from the perspective of the future of the country in a way.