American blockchain startup to threat eyeball economy


On: Jan 2020

A New York based blockchain for journalism startup firm, Civil media has introduced itself as a task of establishing a trusted web through blockchain technology to limit the eyeball technology as well as social networking giants such as Google and Facebook. The CEO of Civil media company, Matthew Iles said that we seek the Civil platform to stand for renowned as a trusted spot for trusted content. And that’s assurance blockchain technology holds.

The almost two-year old company rolled out a decentralized platform in the month of March last year with the help of blockchain and community administration. The news medias that have joined Civil media are admitted extensive access to tools such as the Civil publisher, which permits them to forever archive data to the Ethereum blockchain and hence they cannot be dropped down.

Moreover, the authority members assure these newsrooms endure by a harsh bundle of journalism standards and ethics called as the Civil Constitution. They can restrict a newsroom that unfollows the standards and make use of decentralized voting credits called as Civil tokens to consider whether the newsroom should be eliminated.

The blockchain technology, when it heads to media and news, does have the capability to create a major dent in the illegal news threats, mainly when reader wants the source of a portion of content. The next main piece of software of the company will be the Civil ID which is a type of universal identity system for the web that completes out platform.

This software will allow newsrooms to authorize and manage their content and own as well as administer their data to better safeguard and construct their original work. That means, the user can individually control their recognize payment and information. There is not a password reserved in some firm’s database and could be hacked or stolen, said by Iles. Therefore, we want capture some of the advantages of this technology to journalism.