American president signs stopgap funding bill


On: Dec 2020

The president of the United States of America Donald Trump has recently signed a stopgap funding package in order to finance the American agencies for another week while, on the other hand, the leaders of Congress issued a coronavirus aid as well as government funding bill overnight which has been encouraging the COVID-19 response and the hampered economy of the country.

The stopgap funding package contains around $892 billion for COVID-19 relief as well as federal government funding to change a lockdown of the US government that jointly worth nearly $2.3 trillion in spending for the remaining of the financial year that closes on 30th of September 2021. It is also waiting for the approval of the president to become legislation.

Reportedly, the lawmakers of the United States transferred to money federal agencies through 28th December to prevent a closure in government operations. The White House stated that the president signed the stopgap funding bill into the legislation on Tuesday. The provisions of the coronavirus accountable to throw a lifeline to the economy of the United States after months of inaction as COVID-19 outbreak continues to hinder the whole country, with over 214,000 Americans infected every day.

The new stopgap funding package contains nearly $600 payments to many people and extra amounts to the millions of American who were thrown out of the work during the pandemic. Several advocacy groups said that the new phase of aid was welcomed, it was not sufficient to help people who have been grappling for months. They expected that president-elect Joe Biden to perform more once he joins office on 20th of January.

Reportedly, the lawmakers released extra Democratic-supported funds for states as well as cities and meanwhile, Republican-supported corporate liability securities. Furthermore, it excluded coronavirus related paid leave and various other provisions. The Treasury Secretary of United States Steven Mnuchin has stated that $600 direct payment checks could be transferred to people next week.