Apple faces investigation for illegal competition in Russia


On: Aug 2019

According to the latest business report, one of the most leading tech giant, Apple is recently landed under investigation in Russia following an unfair complaint from cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lan and moreover, it may be impacting its dominant market position. This report is published by Russia’s anti-monopoly watchdog on Thursday.

It is also reported that this investigation was about a brand new version of the Safe Kids application of the Kaspersky Lab had been declined by the operating system of the Apple Inc, which resulting in a crucial loss in the functionality for the parental control application.

Reportedly, the Apple had demonstrated version 12 of its own parental control app, screen Time which said to have much similar functionalities to the Kaspersky’s program. As per the investigation, the parental control apps allow parents to control their kids phone as well as tablet usages.

According to the data received and the investigation made by the Russian officials, Apple considered Reuters to an 28th of April statement in which it stated that it had completely removed a wide range of parental control apps from its App Store as they are putting privacy and security of users’ at high risk.

Based on the recent tech report, its recorded that several of these applications were using a fast-growing technology named as Mobile Device Management(MDM) and meanwhile, its use in a consumer-oriented app was neglecting the policies of the App Store.

Furthermore, Kaspersky told that, the App store guidelines of Apple allowed only for a limited use of Mobile Device Management, but that it was not offering any clear idea about how to generate Apple’s permission to do so. On the other hand, ii even told that the basic requirements decreased the competitiveness of third party developers.