Automaker aims to zero tailpipe discharges by 2035


On: Jan 2021

The leading US automaker General Motors has recently said that it's aiming to auction all its light pickup trucks, SUVs, and new cars with negligible tailpipe emissions by 2035. It would be a dramatic move by the biggest automaker away from gasoline as well as diesel engines. It also said that it plans to become carbon neutral by 2040, which made the declaration just over a week after the US president Joe Biden joined office desiring to address greenhouse gas discharges and accelerate sales of electric vehicles.

The previous year, the automaker sold nearly 2.55 million cars in the United States, but only 20,000 were electric vehicles. In November, it also reported that it was investing around $27 billion in electric and autonomous cars over the next 5 years, rose from $20 billion proposed before the COVID-19 pandemic. The output of GM jumped to 7.4 percent on Thursday.

The CEO of GM, Mary Barra has forced the automaker to clinch electric vehicles and avert its focus from gasoline-driven cars. She also said in a statement that the GM had operated with the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), which is an environmental advocacy group, to implement a combined version of an all-electric future and a target to cancel tailpipe emissions from the latest light-duty cars by 2035.

In September, the governor of California, Gavin Newsom revealed that the state plans to block the new gasoline-powered passenger vehicles as well as trucks sale commencing in 2035. Several other states also said that they plan to follow the same decision. He labeled the declaration of the automaker as a gamechanger. 

But the California Air Resources Board said that if General Motors is planning to clean up their air that our kids breathe today, it must also decline defense of Donald Trump administration’s deductions of federal car emissions standards.