China & Africa to set partnership for agriculture unity


On: Dec 2019

Reportedly, the government of China has been decided to settle down a purposeful relationship with the African nations in order to grab food security and advancement in the agricultural sector. Amid vigorous growth in agricultural trade, they initiated the broad possibilities for Chinese and African agricultural collaboration in the modern era at the first forum on the cooperation of China-Africa in the Agricultural sector, which committed in the city of Sanya.

The two-day ceremony gathered together 500 officials from institutions of higher education & research, companies from home and foreign, as well as international firms. The South African minister of agriculture, land reform, and rural manufacturing, Angela Thokozile Didiza said that the relationship between both the countries in the field of agriculture is an association of collaboration, instead of that between a donor and its beneficiaries.

Chinese agricultural minister, Han Changfu said that observing an average yearly growth of 14 %, the trade quantity of agricultural products between Africa and China gained from nearly 650 million American dollars in the year 2000 to 6.92 billion dollars last year. He said that there is an excellent growth prospective while expressing the belief that the figure will grab ten billion dollars within the upcoming decade. But the relationship is not just restricted to trade. As per the opinion of Mr. Han, almost 10,000 agricultural representatives, farmers, technicians and students from the African nation receive training in China each year.

China has committed to supporting Africa in grabbing basic food security by 2030. That’s why both sides have strengthened cooperation in an extremely comprehensive way. The minister of agriculture, livestock & fisheries of the Republic Congo, Henri Djombo said that Agricultural advancement in Africa is heterogeneous such as creating an authorization that contains various medicines for better productiveness. He said that Africa is currently initiating agricultural collaboration with China on mechanization, irrigation as well as organic fertilizer.