Chinese auto sales drop to 5.4 percent


On: Dec 2019

According to the industrial report, the auto sales of China has been declined to almost 5.4 percent from a decade ago, as a result, it ultimately put the industry’s greatest global market on the path to drop for a second consecutive year. Based on the data published by the automobile manufacturers association of China, drivers gathered more than two million sedans, SUVs as well as minivans. The demand for the auto industry has reduced by consumers' concerns over the cooling economic growth of China and trade conflict with Washington.

The automotive sales for the eleven months through November were dropped to 10.5 percent from a year earlier at just more than 1.9 million. The plunge is wrapping automakers that are under pressure to raise funds for an electric car. The overall sales of the vehicle such as trucks and buses were dropped 3.6 percent at 2.5 million.  Since June 2018, the sales growth of the auto industry has been in the gloomy territory.

Acquiring electric as well as gasoline-electric hybrid SUVs and sedans fell down 43.7 percent to 95,000. Demand for electrics has dropped since the Chinese government allowances ended in mid-2019. After spending billions of dollars to launch the technology, the manufacturers are moving the tension to automakers by gathering them to capture credit for electrics sales or attain them from other rivals that increased their targets. For the eleven months through November, electrics sales production was increased to 1.3 percent at just more than one million units.