Chinese president gets tougher on Donald Trump after new tariff threat


On: Aug 2019

Facing another increment in the United States tariff, the president of China Xi Jinping is getting tougher with Washington instead of backtracking. The economists called it as a ‘Warning shot’ by putting the currency of China weaken in response to the United States of America president Donald Trump’s brand new threat of releasing more import duties on 1st of September.

Meanwhile, the buyers of China recently cancelled multibillion-dollar purchases of the United States agricultural goods. And that’s why, regulators are terrifying to place US firms on an untrustworthy entities list which might face problems on their operations.

The two biggest economies of the globe have capability to settle down a trade war which is harming exporters from all over the world and threatening to put the worldwide economy into recession. But the administration of Xi is attacking in a revival of traditional strategy of China, in order to give response to what is looks United States bullying and indicates to handicap the economic development of China.

Rivals are to meet in the month of September in Washington, but the political calendar makes progress unexpectedly. The governing communist party is developing to celebrate its 70th anniversary on 1st of October, which is said to be a nationalism-drenched milestone that settles pressure on the Chinese president, to look tough.
The chief trade analyst for Dutch Bank ING, Raoul Leering said that, “The downturn risk of no agreement has increased on.”

Six months ago, the negotiators of China were discussing about the expected concessions such as more purchases of the US farm goods, changes in business rules as well as market opening. But by the month of May, the leaders of China had turned nervous in order to what they observed as constantly shifting United States priorities on a list of their unreliable demands which range from restricting their trade excess to opening industries to mainly damaging their economic development strategy.

Despite a June deal by the Donald Trump and Xi Jinping for more negotiation, has not shown any interests to compromise. A round of talks in Shanghai in the month of July ended with no progress.