Enforce new lockdowns to restrict virus


On: Oct 2020

France recently declared a complete nationwide lockdown for the 2nd time in 2020 and the officials of Germany forced a partial 4-week nationwide lockdown on Wednesday, because governments around Europe observed to halt a fast-growing tide of COVID-19 cases. The World Health Organization which contains Russia, Israel, Central Asia and Turkey. 

It accounted for nearly half of the 2.8 million new COVID-19 cases recorded across the world previous week. The United Nation health agency told that coronavirus-driven deaths were also on the gain in Europe, with almost of 35 percent rise since last week and hospitalization because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The president of European Commission Ursula von der Leyen said that we are wider in the 2nd wave of the virus. That’s why Christmas 2020 will be a distinct Christmas. The European Union, Switzerland, Iceland, Britain and Norway estimated for nearly 1.1 million virus cases over the last seven days. She further said that we anticipate this figure to keep increasing in the upcoming 2-3 weeks very rapidly.

Whereas, the officials of Germany have decided to a four-week nationwide lockdown of bars, cinemas, restaurants, theaters and other major facilities in accordance to limit a sharp gain in COVID-19 infections, said by the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel. The chancellor of Germany and the 16 state governors of the country, who are responsible for forcing and easing limitations, finalized on the partial shutdown in a videoconference.

It is going to take effect on Monday and applicable until November end. Merkel told that we must perform and now to eliminate critical health emergency of the country. Restaurants will still be permitted to offer take-off food. Shops as well as schools are to remain open unlike during the lockdown of Germany during the 1st phase of the virus. The decision came after the disease control agency of the Germany told a figure of 14,964 new finalized cases were recorded across the nation in the last day.