Japanese foreign minister outlines new policies


On: Jan 2020

The foreign minister of Japan, Toshimistu Motegi issued a number of the governing foreign policies for the regular diet sessions. On association that have been drowned of late between Japan and South Korea, indication to a wartime labor row disclosing over into trade conflicts, Motegi repeated calls for a last accord on the problem to be attached to. Relations between both nations have damaged since South Korean court rulings urged Japanese firms in October 2018 to pay repayment to sufferers of forced labor during Japanese colonial rule of the South Korean peninsula between 1910 & 1945.

Japan also claimed the regulations are not complying with the international law and operate contrary to the authority of friendly and collaborative relations between the two countries since the 1965 establishment of diplomatic ties. Tokyo believes the matter of repayment for wartime labor was finally and wholly resolved under the fact, whereas the government of South Korean president Moon Jae-in has stated that while it does not eliminate pact in fundamental, it cannot reverse the decision of another branch of administration.

Seoul not rejecting a major military intelligence-sharing pact along with Tokyo and rising dialogue between both nations on trade problems have seen associations advanced to a degree, of late, said by the government officials. Moreover, the Japanese foreign minister hailed the Japan and the United States of America alliance as being powerful than ever.

With regards to an ongoing territorial conflict between Japan and Russia that has resolved both sides from inscribing a post-war peace settlement, Mr. Motegi planned to continue holding close talks with the Russian counterpart on the extended stalemate.