Legislators complain about Energy Policy of Mexico


On: Oct 2020

While reopening coal-fired power factory, the president of Mexico Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador ejected criticism by a group of nearly 43 US Legislators related to the government policy that seeking state firms in the energy sector.  According to the reports, this week, 6 senators and 37 representatives of the United States wrote a letter to the American president Donald Trump complaining about actions taken by the Mexican government that hampered the American energy firms’ expenditure as well as industry access and weaken the US-Mexico-Canada deal that went into effect in 2020.

The Mexican president eliminated the objections, indicating his administration would continue to offer fondness to the Petroleos Mexicanos oil firm of the government and the state-granted electrical utility, complaining the free trade deal that didn’t cover the Mexican energy sector. The president of Mexico has generated fossil fuels and state-granted firms the main of his economic policy. Lopez Obrador said that along with authorized framework we are offering fondness to Pemex and the Federal Electricity Commission. He made this statement while reopening of an old coal-fired power factory that located in Northern Mexico.

Furthermore, he has cancelled environmental debates against the older, dirty coal as well as fuel & oil creating plants of the government, saying that as they are government-granted, they must defend them. That has led Mr. Lopez to rewrite regulations to create it difficult for cleaner, newest privately implemented power plants to participate. 

Even while most of the globe is heading away from coal to capture renewables or clean gas-fired factories, he observed to rave in what for man leaders would be irrelevant optics. The president told that I am very glad to present at the Nava thermoelectric complex to discuss those who protect neoliberal policy, that we are not departing single step. He also said that the blaming of the US Legislators regarding security of state-owned industries with pride.