New administration to reinstate electric models


On: Jan 2021

On Monday, the president of the United States of America said that his brand-new administration will change the government fleet of nearly 650,000 cars with electric models in an approach to shift to clean energy. While signing a new executive order of Buy American, Mr. Biden said that the federal government of the country also owns an extraordinary fleet of vehicles that our administration is going to replace with excellent electric vehicles that created the country by American employees. 

But still, it is not disclosed that when the electric vehicles will launch and which models they will be rollout. According to the source, it could cost around $20 billion or more amount to completely replace the fleet. The White House did not respond to this comment. The American president further stated that the fleet modification will help to generate across 1 million new jobs in the automobile industry of the United States.

This will be considered as the biggest mobilization of public expenditure and procurement, infrastructure and Research & Development, since, World War 2, said Joe Biden, who joined the office on the 20th of January. The 46th president of the United States blamed the recent regulations that permit electric vehicles to be made by America when acquired by the government of the US even if they import some elements which arrive from other parts of the world.

As per the perspective of Mr. Biden, the present standards need at least half of the vehicle’s components to be fully US-made to be evaluated as American. He further said that we are going to avert that standard too. The new executive action will allow the firms to generate more of their ingredients in America, and therefore, the value of those elements will be helpful to contribute to the economy of the country, that estimated by things such as the number of US-based jobs implemented and supported.