New fully-electric cars of Volkswagen sell out in pre-sale


On: Sep 2019

AS per the published report, Volkswagen has sold out of its brand new completely electric ID. 3 electric model before the vehicle has gone on sale. The automaker declared that it had crossed around 30,000 pre-orders for the 1st edition of the car which is limited to almost 30,000 units.

The ID.3 model will be observed at the upcoming International Motor Show in Frankfurt, which is said to be the first model in a pool of fully –electric cars that is being rolled out by Volkswagen. Since the month of May, the customers of Europe have been largely placing orders for the limited launch edition of the vehicle for a deposit of about 1,000 euros. Volkswagen gathered over 10,000 pre-orders for the ID.3 in the recent 24 hours of the pre-sale opening, said by the automaker.

But, pre-orders for the ID 3 are minimum as compared to established contender Tesla. The Tesla’s model 3 was pre-ordered about 276,000 times in just two days back in the April 2016, as stated by the Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk. However, Volkswagen said that limited edition ID.3 would be priced under 40,000 euros and the unlimited series version will be cheaper for almost 10,000 euros.

The production of Volkswagen’s ID.3 is scheduled to start at the end of the year, along with the 1st vehicles which is delivered in mid-2020. A member of Volkswagen’s board of management, Jurgen Stackmann said that, “This success indicates that the ID.3 is ultimately launching at the perfect time. A large number of people want to switch over to e-mobility.”

He said that many customers are still interested in ordering a 1st edition of ID.3 so that they can sign up to a waiting list. Customers who have reserved a production slot for the limited edition ID.3 have until April 2020 to change their mind and meanwhile, claim a refund on their deposit.

Most of the pre-orders for the Volkswagen’s ID.3 came from the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands and Norway. The newer edition of the Volkswagen car has an electric range of up to 260 miles, that provides three distinct battery sizes which come up with a sporty design that Volkswagen promises will provide a completely new driving experience.