Oil prices climb 4.3% on a positive economic note from China


On: Sep 2019

Oil prices increased over 4 percent, which rose by a higher market pickup on positive notes from China after registering three days of losses due to fears about a weakening worldwide economy. According to the latest news, Brent futures were rose by 4.14 percent, at $60.66 per barrel, while, the West Texas Intermediate(WTI) crude increased by 4.3 percent to $56.26. That place WTI on a path for its greatest daily percentage increase since the 10th of July.

The global stock indexes rebounded due to increasing geopolitical concerns and growing economic data from China that brought buyers back to the equities industry. The latest survey showed that the activity in Chinese services sector enlarged at the fastest speed in three months in August because of the increased new orders that indicting the massive gain in hiring in more than a year.

China is the 2nd largest oil consumer and the largest importer of the world. In the USA, crude stockpiles were anticipated to have dropped for 3rd straight week as reported by the Reuters. As per the news, some analysts urged that however, the fundamentals of the oil industry remained disappointed.

A senior market analyst at OANDA, New York, Edward Moya stated that, “Oil prices remain focused on the trade war between the USA and China and thus we don’t see a proper date that scheduled for a face to face discussion between the officials of the world’s biggest economies, the larger the odds we could observe a relaunch of the summer lows.”

The United States of America President Donald Trump warned that he would be tougher on Beijing in the 2nd term of discussions if trade meetings dragged on, intensifying market fears that trade conflicts between the two nations could trigger a United States recession.