Planning to release nuclear storage list


On: Sep 2020

According to the recently issued buzz, Germany will issue a massive list of possible storage sites fir radioactive waste as part of its plans to depart nuclear power plants, along with parliamentary resources of the government of Germany saying that the Gorleben salt dome that available in Lower Saxony has been declined from the running. Based on the recent report, the analysts told that the list of nuclear power plants of different sites which is to be evaluated by 2031 for the utilization from 20259 in order to hold up waste that presently available in interim storage at nuclear plants.

It will be released by the Federal Agency for Final Storage (BGE) of Germany. Reportedly, around 90 locations from Germany including Bavaria, Baden Wurttemberg, Lower Saxony as well as easter states of Germany. The source currently said that all these German states have been discovered to be potentially geographically suitable after BGE observed preliminary mapping. On Sunday, the German Federal Agency for Final Storage (BGE) held discussions along with the federal government, state governments as well as parliamentary factions ahead of any kind of declaration.

Based on the recent analysis, Germany had been on a path to exit nuclear power plant since 2000 but postponed the plan, and right now all set for 2022, following the Fukushima disaster that happen in Japan in 2011. Gorleben which has became the major focus of anti-nuclear protests that held in 1970s. It was found to be topologically unstable which generating in the eyes of the Federal Agency for Final Storage, recently told by source.

Nuclear utilities EON, RWE and EnBW have spent numerous euros on the search for perfect locations, involving Gorleben which is a part of decommissioning rules and regulations which contain dismantling their nuclear power plants.