President-elect declares new stimulus package


On: Jan 2021

According to the recent buzz, on Thursday, president-elect Joe Biden declared the newest plan of stimulus package of nearly $1.9 trillion in order to revive the economy of the country and meanwhile, combat the coronavirus pandemic. In a statement, the upcoming president of the United States said that We have not much time to waste when it comes to placing the COVID-19 under control as well as restructuring our economy which has been badly hampered by this virus.

Tweeting ahead of his remarks Mr. Biden said that we require to gear the public health and also an ongoing economic crisis that we are facing. Therefore, right now, I am declaring the American Rescue plan. With the help of this plan, we will avert the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, implement a bridge toward economic rebound and devote to racial justice.

The stimulus package plan of Biden will urge Congress to finalize around $400 billion to fight the coronavirus pandemic so that it can build up community vaccine sites across the country and increase testing as well as tracing, Sputnik quoted from a statement released by the transition team of Joe Biden. The team recently stated that the forthcoming president’s $1.9 trillion American Rescue plan is extremely noteworthy, but attainable, and will rescue the economy of the United States and commence beating the COVID-19.

It further added that Congress should perform rapidly to help millions of working families, communities as well as small businesses to persist through the COVID-19 epidemic. The stimulus package plan has also proposed to offer eligible individuals along with $1,4000 in stimulus funds. The plan seeks to deliver $130 billion to help schools' safety of the United States that reopens within the first 100 days of the presidency of Joe Biden. On the 20th of January, president-elect and vice president-elect Kamala Harris will be taking the office.