Privacy group says technology giants not delivering on political ads agreement


On: Oct 2019

Top technology giants of the world, Twitter, Facebook, and Google have failed to offer sufficient transparency for worldwide users around political advertising on their services, said by the privacy advocacy group.

 A report from London-based charity privacy international told that various users around the globe lack meaningful statistics into how the advertisement is targeted on social media services. The privacy stated that the search engine giant, Google specifically deficient in disclosure of data about targeting, which allows advertisers to offer tailored messages to various groups of users.

Alex Krasov, Google spokeswoman said that “we know there is extra work to be done and we are looking forward to different ways to bring out additional political ads transparency to various regions and types of elections.”

Big internet firms have been sharing extra data around political ads following scrutiny after the United States intelligence agencies discovered that Russia had targeted US voters with social media content, including advertisement. Russia has denied the statements.

Whereas, a Facebook spokesman said that the firm had toughened its rules on political ads in recent years and advanced transparency on both Facebook and Instagram. Reportedly, Twitter did not reply to privacy groups' requests for comments on the brand new report. The firms and trade bodies for the advertising market signed up to European Commission’s voluntary measures to ward off extremely heavy-handed acts.

As part of current transparency efforts, Twitter, Google, and Facebook have launched searchable online libraries of political advertisements on their platforms, but these have been reproved by researchers for being maintained and failing to offer useful advertisement targeting information.

A spokeswoman for Privacy International, Sara Nelson, “The firms that rely on people’s data to build their industry dominance should offer all users increased ad transparency into the targeting as well as funding of ads should be meaningful.” The new report singled out, search engine giant for not having defined what it determines to be political issues naming this rendered transparency into ads on such problems on the less meaningful.