Regulators to investigate over digital ads


On: Oct 2020

On Wednesday, Italian authorities opened a survey into the search engine giant Google over unproven abuse of its governing role in the nation’s online advertising market, including to the worldwide scrutiny that the Silicon Valley firm is suffering. Furthermore, the Italian authorities said that it suspects the United States tech giant of utilizing the massive amounts of information it gathers through its several services to stop rivals in the digital ad industry from competing productively.

The watchdog told that it determined a joint survey of the offices of Google along with tax police of Italy. Italian authorities are concentrating on the availability and the utilization of the information for display advertisements which is the space that publishers as well as owners of the website generate available to sell ad content. Moreover, the authority told that Google apparently used tracking components that permitted its advertisement broker services in order to capture an aiming capability that some similarly efficient competitors that are not able to replicate.

According to the buzz, it is also reputedly to have differentiated against competitors by declining to let them utilize 3rd-party identification tools. Advertisers utilize these tools to evaluate how productive their advertisement campaigns are by estimating how many views as well as clicks an online advertisement receives. Google told that it was enduring by the data privacy rules of the European Union.

In a statement, the technology giant said that we will continue to operate constructively with the regulators of Italy on these significant zones so that everyone can generate the most of the web. Decreased competition in the digital advertising industry that could be illegal for consumers, said by the authority. It could quite news sites as well as publishers of different resources, outcoming in lower quality online content. It could also demotivate innovation in newer, less-intrusive ad technologies.