SoftBank seeks to take control of WeWork using a financing package


On: Oct 2019

SoftBank’s founder Adam Neumann said that, the company has settle down for financing package to take control of WeWork. The Wall Street Journal reported, citing customers familiar with this matter. The firm already owns one-third of WeWork, but it is mainly focusing to invest plenty of billion dollars in extra equity and debt in Softbank, said by the source.

According to the Journal, the potential agreement would shift Mr. Neumann’s already reduced voting power to the Japanese conglomerate. This would offer SoftBank a bigger role in looking around the operations of the company. But the situation is hard and there is no guarantee that an agreement will be reached.

Last month Adam Neumann announced that he was quit the post of CEO after the firm delayed its primary public offering amid an uphold over its valuation as well as governance. Furthermore, he was also releasing majority control by agreeing to a diminishing of his voting power. He was SoftBank’s greatest individual stakeholder with about 115 million of shares.

It is also said that the CEO of SoftBank Masayoshi Son invested billions of dollars in WeWork, led the charge to detach Adam Neumann as CEO. As per the buzz, SoftBank had invested around $2 billion in WeWork at an estimation of $47 billion in the month of January. WeWork’s initial public offerings (IPO) would have forced SoftBank to write down its actual expenditure, along with operating profit that has been taking a 15 percent if the public offering has been calculated at $20 billion.

SoftBank’s chief executive Masayoshi Son is warning global firms in his portfolios to sharpen their major focus on earning profits before participating into the path of initial public offerings. The change in investment strategy of SoftBank CEO’s Vision Fund 2 is already being felt by portfolio firms across several nations.