Sri Lanka initiates the design of 1st 3D printer


On: Dec 2019

The health ministry of Sri Lanka has established the nation’s first-ever 3D printing program to outline and meanwhile, generate artificial body parts in the island nation, as reported by the domestic media. The new scheme was launched at the Accident & Orthopaedic Service of the Colombo’s National Hospital by Minister of Health, Dr. Rajitha Senaratne.

The unit of the 3D printer contains the status of the art technology inaugurated by the World Health Organization (WHO) and additionally, to the artificial arms and other body parts, the 3D printer can also depict and produce other medical instruments.

The Sri Lankan health ministry stated that the launch of this brand new program, all the artificial body parts in the local hospital were produced using a POP (plaster of Paris) mold since 1950. Earlier it needed three weeks to grab the desired artificial body parts developed, but using the fresh 3D printer it will require only 4 hours to manufacture and design an artificial body parts.

Furthermore, the health ministry told that exclude for the scanner in the new 3D printing machine, all other programs of the printer have been developed in Sri Lanka. According to the statement, the patients will be able to get permission to design and create desired artificial body fragments.