Threatening permanent halt to funding WHO


On: May 2020

The United States of America president Donald Trump accused to permanently stop WHO funding unless improper improvements were generated within the next 30 days. Reportedly, Washington cancelled WHO funding in mid-April, threatening it of being too closely relations with Beijing and covering up as well as misleading the coronavirus epidemic. On Monday, the president tweeted pictures of a letter he sent to the director-general of the WHO, Tedros, Adhanom Ghebreyesus, indicating that the letter was self-explanatory.

In the recently released letter, he listed out the data about the shortcoming of WHO in handling the COVID-19 pandemic, along with ignoring early reports about the emergency of the coronavirus and it is very much friendly with China. Mr. Trump stated that the repeated mistakes made by the WHO in responding to the coronavirus epidemic have been immensely costly for the entire globe. Individual way forward for the World Health organization is if it can actually represent separation from China.

Furthermore, he said that if the WHO does not commit to key enhancements in their actions within the next 30 days, then out administration will make temporary freeze of WHO funding permanent and reconsider the United States membership in the organization. Whereas, the WHO said that it would release an independent review of the response to the coronavirus epidemic.