TSMC in discussions about subsidies for new plant


On: Jun 2020

The chairman of the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Ltd(TSMC), Mark Liu said that the company is still in discussions with the United States government related to the subsidies for its new American plant in Arizona. He further told that with the launch of new American plant we hope that the federal reserve and state governments could create the company’s running costs difference between the US and Taiwan.

The newest American plant won’t have potential business dealings with the armed forces, but some of their customers might be distributor to the military. Besides this, he earlier said that TSMC could immediately fill any order gap should American limitations against Huawei prevent sales to the Chinese company.

The United States blacklisting of Chinese firm over security problems and trade spat with China has left the world’s largest chipmaker exposed to diplomatic establishments between two nations where it also has production bases.

Last month, TSMC released plans for a $12 billion plant in the USA just hours before the Commerce Department of the United States declared a proposal to amend chip export regulations which is move that would limit sales of TSMC to Huawei. The US investment plan of TSMC is in line with its interests and will definitely help the company to gather the trust of customers and increase its talent pool.