Tyson Foods provisionally pauses operations


On: May 2020

A unit of the biggest US meat supplier stated that Tyson Foods is stopping operations at a beef facility in Dakota city in order to complete a major cleaning of the factory amid the coronavirus pandemic. The unit of Tyson Fresh Meats, also stated that it was screening factory workers for coronavirus this week and has reopen production at the facility because of the growing defection over the previous few weeks. 

Tyson Foods facility recruits 4,300 people and is said to be the biggest beef processing plants in the United States of America, generating sufficient beef in one day to feed 18 million people. Some of the biggest American slaughterhouses have been closed because of the coronavirus outbreak among employees that forcing the farmers of the nation to extract livestock as they are not enough space to house animals. 

The president of the United States of America Donald Trump urged meat-creating plants to stay open to secure the food supply in the country, driving a resistance from unions that stated that at-risk employees need more security. Tyson Foods has also opened its pork facilities in Iowa, Indiana, and Perry, whereas, started a beef facility in Washington and Pasco while it completes cleaning of the facilities and employees there undergo screening.